Sri Damodarastakam

Sri Damodara Vrata (The fast of Damodara) is usually observed for the entire month of Kartika. This is considered the most important fast for Gaudiya Vaisnava-s. Damodara is another name for Lord Krishna, who used to be bound by a rope (Dama) around his stomach (udara), as he was often mischievous as a child. Though he was bound by his mother in such a manner, it did not prohibit the infant Krishna from engaging in many fascinating and playful acts. These are often called  as the Damodara-lila

This chant called Sri Damodarastakam is in honour of Lord Krishna through this name, and was composed by Sri Satyavrata Muni, and is part of the Padma Purana. The poem consisting of eight verses reveals the many deep and fundamental secrets of Lord Damodara and his beautiful pastime as an infant.