Candra Kavacam | Moon Chant

Though the word Kavacam literally means an ‘armor’, it represents a much more profound concept. Sure enough, true to its meaning it does serve as a protective armour that will provide continual security to the care giver. However, the Kavacam also serves a much higher purpose or principle. In the Vedic culture, Healing and Caring are considered to be part of a spiritual process. The energy of healing and caring is considered pure and divine. Hence even if the care giver is facilitating the healing process, a connection to a supreme entity is essential. The Kavacam served exactly this purpose.

The Kavacam is a spiritual armour that the care-giver adorns, so that it brings the divine source of pure energy closer to the heart. This would not only ensure that the healing process is safe, but that it is also essentially pure and sacred. By linking strongly with the Kavacam not only is the care giver being protected in the long term, but is also linking to the divine source of healing. 

Through the chant called Candra Kavacam, practitioners are linking to the moon to provide nourishment, comfort and protection in their own healing journey, as well as when they are facilitating a transforming journey for others.