Goda Prapatti

Goda or Andal, as she is popularly called, is regarded as more than a saint or a poet. She is the only female Alvar among the 12 Alvar saints of South India. She is also regarded as a symbol of the strength of womanhood, a person with a sense of sublime purpose, complemented with a strong determination to attain the divine purpose successfully.

The Margazhi month starting in the middle of December, extending till mid January, is a very auspicious month, especially in connection to Goda. It is the month in which she continuously meditated on Lord Vishnu, praising him through the divine poetry she wrote in Tamil language. At the end of the month, it is believed that Lord Vishnu appears before her, and seeks her hand in marriage. 

This chant Goda Prapatti is a beautiful chant composed in her honor, which not only acknowledges her devotion, but also honors her as a strong symbol of the divine feminine.