Teacher Chant

The Vedic tradition put the teacher at the forefront of learning. It viewed the teacher as the crucial link between the student and the teaching. Owing to the fact that it was the teacher who revealed the subtle intricacies of the teaching, which facilitates the student to evolve into his potential, the teacher was regarded very highly.  

This is the reason why so many chants exist to honor the teacher. Here is a chant that is called Guru Stotram, that is perhaps a compilation of different verses that honor the preceptor. 

On the auspicious days of Sarasvati Puja and Vijaya Dasami it is pertinent that we remember our teachers and offer them gratitude for their continued guidance and teaching. 

I personally wish to honor my teacher TKV Desikachar and his teacher T Krishnamacharya on these special occasions.