Guru Parampara Chant

Its convention in India that the tradition of teachers are honored and remembered. Guru parampara or Guru Sampradaya represents the lineage one belongs to, beginning with the first pioneers of the tradition, the intermediate teachers who vitalized the teachings, and the immediate teacher who pass on to us this precious knowledge. 

Conventionally there exists two main chants that are recited to honor the string of teachers who hold together the garland of knowledge. One belongs to the Saiva tradition, who acknowledge Lord Siva as the first teacher, and Sankara as the intermediate teacher.  The second chant is from the Vaisnava tradition, and considers Visnu (Lakshminatha) as the first teacher, and Nathamuni and Yamunacarya as the intermediate teachers.

Depending on whether one belongs to the Saiva tradition or Vaisnava tradition the corresponding chant would be chosen and recited prior to beginning any significant act each day. 

In honor of the Yoga Parampara of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar, I have composed a third chant that honors these two teachers who have shared much wisdom and insight in the path of Yoga. 

On this special day of Guru Purnima (12 July 2014) I consider it apt to share these three versions of the Guru Parampara Chant with you all. Enjoy it and take a moment to remember your teacher, and their successive teachers, and therefore the whole lineage that holds you in your path.