Ksamasodasi Stotram | Forgiveness Chant

The Ksamasodashi stotram is a powerful chant composed by the great Parasara Bhatta, which pleads to the Lord Ranganatha to offer forgiveness for our continued mistakes. The chant recognizes that being the supreme dispenser of the fruits of the actions, it is only the Lord who indeed guides us to act in one way or the other. Hence the chant appeals to his compassion to forgive our sins and guide us with light through our journey of life. 

Parasara Bhatta was a devout follower of the legendarya Ramanujacarya, the pioneer of Visistadvaita Vedanta philosophy. Parasara Bhatta was appointed the head of Sri Vaisvanvas by Ramanuja himself, and succeeded his master as the pontiff of this tradition. Parasara Bhatta wrote numerous important compositions. Among them the Ksamasodasi stotram is a jewel.