Study Options with Dr. Kausthub Desikachar

Long-Term Training Programs

Engage in professional teacher training programs where Dr. Kausthub Desikachar is the main faculty or an integral part of the teaching team. All of these programs are well organised and will cover a comprehensive curriculum that offers the best learning experience and facilitate deep personal transformation. 

The following programs are going to begin in 2017 onwards. Kindly click the links below to have more information.  

KHYF Yoga Therapy Training | 2017 - 2020 | India>  Full !!!!

KHYF Yoga Therapy Training | 2018 - 2021 | Europe> Registrations Open !!!

KHYF Yoga for Youth | Post Graduate Training | 2018 - 2019> Registrations Open!!!

Individualized Yoga Therapy

A wide range of conditions can be alleviated or managed through Individualized Yoga Therapy. This self-empowering process will involve a diagnostic consultation session, and follow-up sessions, where the entire range of Yoga's tools will be utilized . Although it is ideal to have at least one consultation followed by four Yoga Therapy sessions, convenient, flexible options are also available. 

Each session will be for a duration of 50 minutes. Cost of the sessions depend on the frequency of meetings each month and vary between €55++ - €75++ per session.

For inquiries or to book a session visit here. 

Professional Collaborations

The philosophy and practice of yoga has informed the development of many related fields of study – psychology, business practice, leadership methods, arts, community work, and academic fields both in the sciences and humanities. Dr Kausthub Desikachar works together with university faculties, institutions and organizations that seek to enhance their own understanding with the study and practice of yoga. Professional Development courses will be designed in response to specific requests.

If you are a University, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Studio or any other kind of Institution, seriously interested to elevate your work, by diving deep into the authentic teachings of T Krishnamacharya & TKV Desikachar in an professional, inspiring and elevating manner, you can reach out for collaborative projects with Dr. Kausthub Desikachar both within India and abroad.

Kindly email here to discuss collaborative possibilities>