Garbhini | Yoga & Pregnancy

I loved the Garbhini (Yoga & Pregnancy) course. Before I did this course I was not very confident about teaching students that where pregnant. I felt it was such an enormous responsibility to have not only the well-being of the mother but also a precious child in my hands. I guess I just didn’t feel I had enough knowledge to be really comfortable in this situation.

I was really happy when the Garbhini course was advertised as it was exactly what I needed and as it was to be conducted via Skype it really suited my circumstances at the time. Handouts where sent prior to each classes and audio recordings of the class following each class. Having these recordings is really valuable as a reference point. I have on a number of occasions since completing the course listened again to refresh my knowledge.

The course consisted of five modules each three hours long and covered all the stages of pregnancy starting with pre-conception and continuing through the trimesters and concluding with the post-partum stage.   

The classes where conducted by Dr Kausthub Desikachar. As always his classes were fascinating and the depth of knowledge shared was extraordinary as is his ability to teach in a way that not only helps you to understand the subject but also makes it relevant. 

The material covered was really thorough. It included how the mother can prepare for each stage, what changes she can expect and what actually occurs to her not only physiologically but also emotionally and mentally as well as discussing the development of the child through each stage.

Each module went through the recommended tools of Yoga available to address the needs of the mother depending on her circumstances to ensure the continued health and well- being of mother and child. It addresses the challenges the mother may have with her changing body and how to best manage these so the child continues to have a loving and nurturing environment in which to develop.

This course is valuable to Yoga Teachers that teach pregnant students in a group class situation as well as Yoga Therapists wishing to work with students on an individual basis. I really believe that any teacher who wants to teach students that either wish to conceive or are pregnant should participate in this course as this is a very unique and special event for any mother and child and they deserve to have a teacher that has as the knowledge and experience to further enable the experience to be a positive and healthy one.

 I would absolutely recommend this program to any teacher or therapist that wishes to work in this area, as well as anyone who wishes to conceive themselves as there is just so much information in this program that is really interesting and certainly makes you think about all the factors that can not only influence your experience but also impact your child’s well-being both during the pregnancy and after birth. We are all the result in part from our experiences so it is about giving the child the best possible start.     

Kim Gamble | Yoga Teacher | Australia