The 7 Cakras | Exploring the Energy Centres

The course on the Cakras was fascinating. As always when learning in this tradition, different strands of knowledge were brought skilfully together, enhancing and shedding light on each other, so that I feel my understanding has deepened and is more coherent. 

These strands were not only from different parts of the yoga canon, but also from modern ideas on psychology, trauma and healing; not only theoretical, but deeply practical. It was so interesting to see the practices that you gave us for each cakra and come to an understanding of them - and even more, to practise them.

I appreciated the structure of the course, going through each cakra in turn after the initial introduction. The handouts too were a great help - clear, beautiful and comprehensive. I would recommend the course to all teachers and students who want to understand better this fascinating aspect of yoga.

Sarah Ryan | Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher Trainer & Vedic Chant Teacher | United Kingdom