Yoga Therapy in Trauma Care

I am a mental health counselor, specializing in treating victims of trauma. I found Dr. Desikachar’s course on Yoga and Trauma beneficial as it has added a new dimension to my concept of trauma and its effects. I see this body of knowledge as a useful complement to the traditional western interventions for trauma, particularly psychoanalysis.

The course taught through Skype was neatly structured to fit the e-medium with each monthly segment covering a precise topic. Dr. Desikachar’s expertise in both yoga and the current western approaches was evident in the way he was able to use the DSM-IV to show the similarities and differences between the two approaches. I have found this course useful, both in understanding my own personal development and in treating my clients. I would recommend it for anyone who is a therapist or who would like to further their growth in the mind/body sciences. 

Rita Schabel, LPCA, MA, MBA | Mental Health Counselor | USA