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Sound Healing | Application of Mantras in Yoga

Among the many tools that are used in Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Mantra-s hold a special place for the yogin-s of the past, as they are the means to reach the core within us. Mantra-s are subtle tools that engage our internal faculties, and influence change within us. The power of mantra-s has commanded great respect among yogi-s of the past, and is often considered one of the most important tools of Yoga Practices, especially in the domain of healing and spirituality. Among many of its inherent benefits is its ability to heal and aid in the therapeutic process in a variety of situations. Be it through its inherent power of vibration, or the positive feeling it brings to the practitioners, it is widely acclaimed throughout history that Mantra-s hold an integral place in the realm of healing. 

However, little is known about the principles and practice of mantra-s, especially among the yogi-s of the modern era, and in the domain of Yoga and Yoga Therapy. This inspiring and practical seminar will focus on the healing powers of mantras and how to apply them in yoga practice, for ourselves or our students. 

In this seminar, participants will learn 

  • What are Mantra-s and what are their roles in Yoga & Yoga Therapy
  • The Sound principles of Mantra-s and how they are effective in Yoga & Yoga Therapy
  • How can Mantra-s be applied in Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and other tools of Yoga * How Mantra-s can help alleviate physiological and psychological illnesses
  • How Mantras are useful in healing spiritual illnesses 

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