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An exploration of Nadi-s, Cakra-s and the hidden language of Yoga. 

The comprehension of our human system by the ancient oriental philosophies differ significantly from the way modern medical science perceives and understands the human body. These unique perceptions form the basis of the fundamental philosophical frameworks that originate from these ancient cultures.The philosophy of Yoga approaches the understanding of the human entity, as an inter-dependant layer of five dimensions, each influencing the other strongly. This apart, the role of the consciousness, the source of life is also strongly represented. Thus the human body is not only understood as a holistic and complex entity, but also addressed in a multifaceted approach, that brings together the manifest layers of human nature, with the un-manifest source of life.

What also makes this process even more exciting is subtle concepts that present the subtle anatomy of the human system, in a manner that is metaphorically intriguing yet down-to-earth practical. This paradigm was used as the foundation to understand and interpret the way our system functioned, or mal-functioned. This is why many of the yoga techniques and practices use this structure as the interface to understand and work with the wellness of our body. In order to effectively work with yoga, it helps to have an understanding of this subtle presentation of the body, which consists of nadi-s (subtle channels), cakra-s (symbolic energy centers), as well as other beautiful concepts that go along with this. When we understand these concepts, it becomes very useful in dealing with issues such as health, illness and healing of our system.

A good understanding of this paradigm would help every yoga practitioner and teacher, to help themselves or students in their healing or personal transformation process. This is why the practices suggested by Yoga seem more potent than they appear, and begin to show results in multiple layers, especially when applied in the area of health and healing.

This weekend seminar is open to all, and will be particularly suitable for Yoga teachers, Yoga therapists and other health- care professionals. The seminar will not only explore the theoretical frameworks of these five layers, but will also facilitate understanding through discussion and practice, how the tools of yoga can influence the five dimensions.

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