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Venue | Satya Moon Yoga, Wichita, Kansas, USA

From time immemorial, the primary quest in human endeavor has been to find freedom, and embrace the depths of spirituality that we are capable of. Whether it be an oriental approach or an occidental method, we are searching for valid indications how to start this profound and important journey.

Many spiritual traditions have evolved in the Indian subcontinent over the last three millennia, which embrace this topic, either as an intellectual enquiry, or as an experiential method of living and practice, or both. While some have disappeared into oblivion, others thrive still in the contemporary time in which we live.

Yoga is one among those flourishing traditions that offer great insight into the mystical domains of spirituality, while keeping it practical and real. It not only provides extraordinary concepts for reflection and self-inquiry, but also facilitates a process that can help us face our own demons that restrain our freedom. Further it presents heartful tools of chant, meditation and visualizations that can nourish the seeds of our rich spiritual possibilities.

This inspiring and practical seminar, taught by Dr. Kausthub Desikachar, the grandson of Yogacarya T Krishnamacharya, will be the ideal opportunity to delve into this topic and find appropriate means to explore the mystical yet practical teachings of Yoga, in finding a balance between freedom and spirituality. The seminar will include deep discussions on the pertinent topics and offer potent meditative practices to internalize the teachings in a practical and experiential manner.

It will be open to all, and will be particularly suitable for those who wish to journey to the core of yoga’s philosophical roots, and its practical implementation in daily practice. It will also be invaluable to those who are considering delving further into the authentic teachings of Yogacarya T Krishnamacharya.

Dr. Kausthub Desikachar is known for his remarkable, deep and well versed knowledge and his ability to present the ancient teachings in a way that is profound as well as applicable for modern day practitioners.


$245 USD Early Bird Pricing (before April 30, 2017)

$275 USD Regular Pricing (after May 1, 2017)

Contact & Registration Information:

Interested parties may email or call 1-316-440-4666 for registration details and logistics.