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MUDRA-S & BANDHA-S | The Secret and Subtle Tools of Yoga

Venue | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The role of Mudra-s & Bandha-s can serve as a vital instrument in this process of personal and spiritual evolution. Mudra-s are very intricate tools of Yoga, that harness the fire within us to help nourish the inherent seeds of our capabilities. They are discussed extensively in classical texts such as Hathayogapradipika & Siva Samhita, as well as modern classics such as Yoga Makaranda of T Krishnamacharya.

When appropriately practiced together with a sophisticated system of breath and visualization, Mudra-s & Bandha-s touch different layers of the human system and aid in our positive transformation. Owing to the great power it can harness, the Yogi-s showed great respect to these tools and only learnt and practiced under watchful guidance. 

This enriching seminar will explore the most important Mudra-s in detail, presenting the core principles and frameworks within which they must be understood and practiced. The program will deal with presenting pre-requisites for the practice of each Mudra, the technical nuances of their practice, benefits, and contraindications.

This seminar will be most useful to serious practitioners of Yoga, as well as Yoga Teachers and Trainers who are wanting to take their practice to the next level. 

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