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MAHABHUTA | Yoga & The Five Elements

Venue | Melbourne, Australia

All the Vedic schools of philosophy especially Samkhya, Yoga and Ayurveda view the world and the whole universe as an integrated entity made up of five fundamental elements that are called “pañca bhuta-s”. From the Vedic point of view the five elements come alive and manifest in various forms when linked to consciousness through the phenomenon called Prana. Our body from the time of conception onwards is made up of the five elements and is subject to these elemental energetic principles throughout our lives. It is important to understand that the old schools of healing such as Yoga and Ayurveda understood our existence based on prana and the five elements which in turn influence the make up of our constitution (dosa) and the functioning of our energy centres (cakra-s). Therefore not only all of our physique but also our behavior through our actions emotions speech and thoughts as well as our relationship with our environment is closely connected to these principles.

This inspiring and practical seminar will focus on exploring the five elements in the context of Yoga, and how to apply them in yoga practice, for ourselves or our students. 

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