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The Subtle Yoga Arts of Mudra-s and Bandhas

Venue: Pepper Tree Pavillion, Ojai, California

The yoga sages of the past relied on these subtle and sophisticated tools of yoga to nurture the latent potential lying beneath our subconscious layers of mind and emotion. When appropriately practiced together with a sophisticated system of breath  (pranayama) and visualisation (bhavana), mudra-s and bandha-s touch different subtle layers of the human system and have been understood in the ancient yoga mind as part of an energetically transformative way of living. 

This workshop will present core principles of mudra-s and bandhas as well as robust practices so that attendees will go away with both an understanding of the rich yoga philosophy background on these subjects as well as having explored introductory practice themselves and experienced the powerful nature of mudra-s and bandhas.

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