Mahisasuramardini Stotram

Believed to be composed by the great sage Adi Sankaracharya around 810 AD, this chant is in praise of Goddess Chamundesvari and describes the way she destroyed many demons, including the great Mahisasura. 

The city of Mysore got its name from the demon Mahisasura, and it was suffering at his hands. Goddess Sakti takes form of Chamundesvari, and frees the city from this evil demon. 

The chant is so beautifully composed by Adi Sankara and is a treat to listen to. It is believed that listening to this each day, also helps us master our own inner demons who terrorize the light hidden within our body. 

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Tranisitions of Truth!!!

What is the truth? And does it change with time?

As I contemplate on the aftermath of my father's passing, I am faced with this intriguing idea. Why does the transition of death bring about a change of truth with people who were associated with that person who passed?

When my grandfather passed in 1989, a lot of students of the tradition who were actually students of my father, Sir TKV Desikachar, suddenly claimed to be students of my grandfather T Krishnamacharya. They even started promoting themselves as equal representatives of the tradition, despite having much lesser experience in Yoga, and also much more inferior knowledge compared to my father. 

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Long-term Programs

Engage in professional teacher training programs where Dr. Kausthub Desikachar is the main faculty or an integral part of the teaching team. All of these programs are well organised and will cover a comprehensive curriculum that offers the best learning experience and facilitate deep personal transformation. 

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Upcoming Courses

SECRETS OF YOGA | Teachings from the Yoga Rahasya of Nathamuni

Engage in a study of a classical text that provides invaluable practical instructions, as well as key insights into the manner in which Yoga must be understood and practiced. It also highlights the therapeutic value of Yoga, including Yoga during Pregnancy as well as Yoga for different stages of life.  

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YOGAMUDRA | The Subtle & Potent Tools of Yoga.

Dive into an enriching immersion of Mudra-s and Bandha-s, where you will not only learn and explore these power tools of Yoga, but also through practice evolve into your own higher potential.  

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