Sri Suktam

Sri Suktam is a devotional hymn honoring Sri as Lakshmi, the Vedic goddess of wealth, prosperity and fertility. The goddess Sri appears in several earlier vedic hymns, and is the personification of auspicious and royal qualities. 

Sri Suktam is perhaps the first text in which the homology between Sri and Lakshmi is drawn, and the goddesses are further associated with the god of fire, Agni. Since the later epic period (ca 400 CE), Sri Lakshmi is particularly associated with Visnu as his wife or consort.

This chant honors her as the epitome of beauty, grace, and benevolence. It is believed that chanting or even listening to this beautiful chant brings good fortune, positive attributes and healing. 

Download the text of the chant in English here.

Download the text of the chant in Devnagari here.