Sudarsana Kavacam

In the Vedic culture, Healing and Caring are considered to be part of a spiritual process. The energy of healing and caring is considered pure and divine. The Kavacam (literally meaning an ‘armor) is a spiritual armour that brings the divine source of pure energy closer to the heart. Thus ensuring that the healing process is safe, pure and sacred. 

Many forms of Kavacam-s were conceptualised by the great seers of the past. Each of these involved chant, meditation and specific gestures all coordinated in an intricate yet simple manner.

Here is the chant titled Sudarsana Kavacam, that honors the deity Lord Sudarsana, who is the sacred disc of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that listening to this chant removes all obstacles that may come our way and elevate our consciousness. 

To download the text of this chant, click here.