Maha Prana | Pranayama & The Power of Yoga

Maha Prana course that is offered online by Dr Kausthub Desikachar  has a very organised and relevant structure. Each module is provided with handouts that has detailed explanation of each pranayama technique that can be applied to teaching and therapy classes. Each module is also provided with a practice of the technique discussed that not only allowed me to experience the pranayama technique but also helped in providing to see how the technique can be structured into a yoga course. The material was taught very professionally and each session was held promptly and on time. Recording was sent after for our reference and catch up which proved to be extremely useful as there were number of times I could not attend the class due to my daughters being on school holiday. 

I have been able to use the content easily into my teaching and some of the pranayama concepts that were not very clear have now been polished. I am also able to correctly apply these concepts into my practice as the theory behind the technique was explained very well. 

If anyone is interested to seriously dive into the theory and practical aspects of pranayama component of 8 limbs of yoga, I would highly recommend this course. It is online, well paced and detailed course that can and has enhanced my knowledge of yoga and one if its very valuable tool-pranayama. 

Vidhi Sadana | Yoga Teacher & Yoga Therapist | United Kingdom