Maha Prana | Pranayama & The Power of Yoga

For seven months now I have been studying the Maha Prana on-line seminar with Dr. Kausthub Desikachar.

I have been a yoga teacher for 15 years and in my instructing of students I found more and more that the breath is such an important tool of yoga and that most students don’t really know much about it. Of course Pranayama has been part of my training but I wanted to deepen my knowledge and understanding - hence I signed up to Kausthub [Desikachar]'s course.

I find the course extremely well structured. It’s a combination of explaining the history and philosophy, going back to the source, so to speak, practical instructions and explanations of the different Pranayama methods and applications such as ratios as well as hands on practices for us to explore in between sessions. Kausthub's instructions are clear well presented and his handouts prior to the session and the recordings after a session are valuable records for future reference.

My understanding of Pranayama has definitely deepened and I am able to apply of what I have learnt so far to my students in private tuition as well as classes. Pranayama is not just “a” tool it’s part of a holistic approach that respects the entire make up of the student in front of you
physically, psychologically and emotionally. Learning the philosophy and history of the different methods has made a big difference in my teaching of pranayama. Even though the topics we have covered so far are not new I feel as if I am moving to university level with the depth of the material being presented by Kausthub.

Pranayama has always been a part of my practice and since I have started the course I gained a lot more insights and understanding from where “it all comes from” . Pranayama for me is the gateway to my inner world seeing enquiring and exploring my actions and reactions.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about yoga and its teachings who understands that “Yoga is not just a posture” or to quote T. Krishnamacharya: “BREATH IS CENTRAL TO YOGA, BECAUSE IT IS CENTRAL TO LIFE —- AND YOGA IS ABOUT LIFE”

Irene Metzger | Yoga Teacher Trainer | Australia