Mantra Yoga | Linking with Sacred Sounds

Several months back I completed the nine month long online classes on “Mantra Yoga - Linking with Sacred Sounds, An Experiential Immersion Course” with Kausthub Desikachar.  The reason for signing on was primarily to unfold within the power mantras have for bringing about  radical transformation of body, mind and consciousness.  Mantras are powerful tools used since ancient times in all cultures for various purposes.

Aside from what was stated in the brochure, I came into this program with a clean slate.  Why this one offered by Kausthub Desikachar?  For two reasons alone - I read his CV on his website.  More importantly, he was Acharya T Krishnamacharya’s grandson and Sri T K V Desikachar’s son - lineage is important to me; authenticity was of paramount consideration.  As a child growing up, my Grandfather’s injunction was always - “go to the source”.   So, I had to experience these first hand.  These days commercialization of such practices is rampant - dilution, misinterpretation, inaccuracies prevail and authoritative instruction is singularly sparse - as they say “Anything Goes”. 

As I look back, beginning my studies with Kausthub Desikachar, the  MantraYoga Program became pivotal to my other studies with him.  The clarity with which he covered the various topics beginning with the concept, definition, purpose of Mantras, he put in place a solid foundation for the practice that followed every session.  As we moved along, the potency of the Abhyasa Krama in the  practice became profound - we delved into its components, its application in Therapy, in Asanas , Pranayama,  Spiritiual pursuits and so on.  We worked with different mantras understanding its meanings, special references and vibrational qualities by experiencing them first hand through personal practice.  

The journey has been enlightening - and it continues - with my extensive studies with him. Mantra practice opens up the space within our consciousness which is so filled with stuff that is dysfunctional.  It cleanses, purifies, energizes, reveals dimensions and potential within us previously hidden or dormant - making difference one person at a time.

Jyoti | Yoga Teacher | USA