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The 7 Cakras | Exploring the Energy Centers

Venue | Frankfurt, Germany

The Yogin-s understood the human body differently from how we perceive it today. Apart from understanding it as a complex physiological structure, the Yogin-s also realized that we are made up of an intricate subtle body. An important part of this subtle entity are the major energy centers known as Cakra-s, which were linked together through subtle channels called the Nadi-s. Each of these Cakra-s were associated with vital physiological and emotional functions. Hence the Yogin-s firmly believed that any imbalance in the Cakra-s could result in physiological and emotional illness and vice versa. 

Thus they had a deep and profound understanding of the Cakra-s and also developed tools and methods to influence them when they were in a state of disharmony. In fact this understanding of the subtle body was the main basis for evolving the multiple tools of Yoga. For each modern Yoga practitioner it is important to learn the way Yogin-s saw the human body through this understanding of the subtle anatomy and how Yoga’s tools can be utlized to influence the energy centers in the body. When the Cakra-s are properly understood and Yoga’s tools are appropriately administered, they become powerful allies in the path of health and expansion of hidden potential. 

This intensive seminar provides a platform for serious practitioners to explore this topic of Cakra-s in depth. Through this immersion, each of the 7 Cakras will be explored in great detail.  Practices specifically focused each of the Cakra-s will also be offered. Guidelines of self-observation on the effects of such practices will also be provided and participants will also be offered opportunities to explore these further. 

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