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Health, Healing & Beyond | Yoga for Personal Evolution

Venue | Ontario, Canada

Contrary to the current trend, Yoga did not evolve merely as a fitness routine, but rather originated to help people maintain health, promote healing and aid them in their personal and spiritual evolution. It was not only a theoretical philosophy or an hourly practice, but rather a path of life through which students decreased suffering, identified their inherent potentials and evolved into the best version of themselves.

What is unique about traditional Yoga is that it views each of us in an individualized and unique manner, as no two humans are the same. Each of us has other obstacles on our path and each of us has potentials that we have been endowed with. Yoga is about finding out about your potentials and becoming your most authentic self, rather than about conforming to homogeneity and following trends. In this process Yoga also looks at each human in a holistic manner where health and wellness are not just considered at the body level, but also at the energetic, psychological and spiritual dimensions. It is the reason why the range of Yoga’s tools transcend the practice of physical postures and include breathing practices, meditation, chanting, symbolic gestures, visualization and much more.

Just like a farmer needs to cultivate each kind of crop in a unique manner, carefully choosing the right kind of soil, the season, and nourishment needed, Yoga also teaches us to work with each individual in a unique and caring manner that is respectful of their needs, capacities and most importantly their authentic potentials.

This weekend seminar has been planned and designed in such a manner that all participants will explore the process of Yoga and learn valuable tools to take back to their personal lives that can aid in their own personal evolution. It will help you empower yourself to walk on your own spiritual path of transformation. It is open to all and will offer a space to engage in meaningful conversation, honest reflection and sincere effort to embark and walk on our own spiritual journey. The seminar will include theme presentations, discussions and profound practices that will touch your heart.

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