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The Power of Yoga | Exploring Pranayama for Health & Vitality

Venue | Raumati Beach, New Zealand

The real power of Yoga lies in the ability to access, nourish and vitalize the concept of Prana. Prana, also called “vital-life-force,” is the most subtle element of our human construct. This is the reason why many Yogins developed methods and tools to influence Prana in a positive way. Primary among these methods, is Pranayama, one of the most important tools in the practice and application of Yoga. The power and potentials of these subtle breathing practices are often underestimated or misunderstood in contemporary times whereas the Yogis of the past had great reverence for the work with our “life force”. 

A deep and practical understanding of these techniques are a very important aspect of every Yoga practitioners education and experience, especially for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists. Many subtle and intricate details of these practices must also be learnt and experienced under the guidance of a competent teacher in a safe environment.

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